If you wake up each day thinking…

“Life isn’t fair,”
“Why did this happen to me?”
“I wish I could…, but…”
“That only happens to lucky people.”
I am here to help you stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop allowing circumstances to hold you back.
As you can see, I am unlike most life coaches.
I’m here to help you push past whatever is stopping you achieve your fullest potential.
There is greatness inside of you – let’s unleash it.
It’s time to say “S.O. What!” to all of the things in your life you don’t like and start proclaiming,
“So NOW what?” to take the steps to change.


Hi, I’m Summer

When I was 15, I got pregnant by someone I didn’t even know. I had low self-esteem, and a boy told me I was pretty. So I let him touch me, and he took it further. I got pregnant. I was scared, embarrassed, and devastated. Many people judged me and counted me out. But that wasn’t the end of my story. It was just the beginning. I graduated from high school with honors, was named Most Likely to Succeed. I went to college on a full scholarship.

Although it was hard and I wanted to give up at times, I graduated from college with honors in four years, was named Miss University of Memphis, and started an amazing career. All as a young, single mother.

After starting my career with the National Basketball Association (NBA) team the Memphis Grizzlies, I was promoted three times ending with a position as the first Marketing Manager for the new Memphis team. I then worked as the Marketing Manager for two national franchise organizations. I ended my career in Corporate America with FedEx where I started as a Senior Marketing Specialist and was promoted to Marketing Specialist Advisor.

Today, I am an entrepreneur with two incredible businesses. I am an author, a speaker, a mentor and life coach, as well as a university professor where I taught marketing and was then asked to create my own life skills class based on my experiences. My memoir is the text book, and my students leave the class with a new attitude and new approach to dealing with life.

No matter what you’ve been through or how hard life gets, you can succeed and have the life you deserve. It starts with YOU. Changing your mindset, building your determination, and strengthening your self-love.

I believe we all can succeed no matter what challenges we face. Let me use my experiences to help you change your mindset, build your determination, and strengthen your self-love to live the abundant, successful life you deserve.

Can you relate?

  • Do you struggle with going after your dreams or goals?
  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Do you wish to become a confident person that can accomplish anything you put your mind to?
  • Are you self-sabotaging your success in school, career, business or life?
  • Do you feel sorry for yourself and wish you could take action to change your life?

If you can say YES to any of the above, here’s what you can do about it.


  • …feeling inspired, motivated and empowered to go after your goals and dreams
  • …no longer feeling stuck or confused
  • …waking up every morning as a confident person ready to accomplish anything you put your mind to
  • ...having a S.O. WHAT! action plan to help you succeed in school, business, career or life

This is all possible. I’d love to help you as your personal mentor and life coach.

If you are….

  • A young or aspiring professional trying to navigate life and figure out how to progress personally and professionally.
  • A single (or not) mother or father with a limited support system who wants to be independent, self-sufficient, and set an example for your children?
  • An individual or business owner who needs help with personal branding or marketing yourself and your business?
  • An individual dealing with peer pressure, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, bullying, or other issues? Or the parent of a teenager who could benefit from extra support and encouragement and a plan for advancement.
  • An author or aspiring author who wants to publish a book but don’t know where to start, how to get published, or how to let the world know about your book?
  • An individual who really doesn’t know what they want to do with your life and needs help defining your strengths, passion, purpose and path.


Click the “S.O. What! Sessions” button and schedule a complimentary coaching session with me today!

During your complimentary coaching session, I will learn more about your obstacles/challenges and share with you a few actionable tips you can implement right away to start living your best life. We will also see if coaching with me and working together is a good fit for you, and I will share details on how we can officially get started.